A  grow light or plant light is simply a man made source of light for plants. Grow lights are generally referred to as lights that stimulates the growth of plants by emitting electromagnetic spectrum which is useful for plant to photosynthesize.

Grow light is of importance in situations of absence of natural sunlight or when the hours of available Sunlight is not suitable for plant growth. Grow lights are then used to extend the time to meet the plant requirement.

Grow lights performs two major functions: It is either used to provide light spectrum close to the spectrum produced by sunlight, or to provide light spectrum that is best for the plant need. Grow light uses different colors, temperature, intensity and other conditions are mimicked. In summary using grow light is close to the natural environment.

In 1868, Russian botanist ANDREL FAMINSTYN was the first to use artificial light for plants growing and research.


Grow lights are basically used for the following


Indoor gardening

Plant propagation

Food production

Indoor hydroponics and

Aquatic planting.


Which simply means the cultivation of flowers, this can be very effective and will give a suitable output when the factors (natural light) responsible for growth of those flowers are insufficient, the growth light will be introduced.  Since grow lights helps provide the required material need ed instead of sunlight by providing the appropriate light spectrum for photosynthesis. If grow lights are introduced to flowers there won’t be any unrest of light problems since the flowers receive the spectrum emitted which provide the essential material needed like sunlight do.

Indoor gardening

During indoor gardening the flowers or plants do not have  access to much light and thus may not give a  greater output or even experience stunted growth. Since  they  need light to carry out every production, the introduction of grow light   can help in this case. The grow light thus helps in ensuring rapid growth of indoor plants.

Plant propagation

This process  involves creating new plants from a variety of  source such   as seeds, cutting , bulbs, and other plant part. Propagation at times might be referred   to as artificial or natural dispersal of plants. When such plants are propagated they really need the presence of light to stimulate germination and enable  continual growth process. When grow light is introduced to  such propagated  plants, it gives such  plants much strength to grow since it provides  essential material by emitting electromagnetic spectrum that functions as well as photosynthesis which makes propagated plants grow well  within short  timer interval.

Food production

Most food has its source  from plants, some are obtained directly from plants while some needs to be processed.In recent days they have been a growing trend towards sustainable  agriculture, ideas have  been  brought and some activities have been   practiced  to facilitate production of more food.  Sometimes when natural light seems to  cause setbacks in food production . Since  we consume  food  everyday and failure to put  effort in food  production  may  lead to famine  or hunger. Recent research now  provides another means  to  provide light in  the  absence  of  sufficient sunlight which is  the Fluorescent grow light. Since the inception of  the use of fluorescent grow lights in combination  with use of fertilizers and manures  foods tend  to grow more faster and produce more yields.

Indoor hydroponics;

Indoor hydroponics means the act of growing plants without soil. It involves using mineral nutrient solution in  a water solvent. This is done in an enclosed place which  have access  to little or no  light which  may  lead to  stunted  growth.

So how can this be  corrected; its  through the use of fluorescent grow lights which  supplements the photosynthetic activities of sunlight.

Aquatic planting

In aquatic planting grow light may also be introduced as light sources to enable photosynthesis for aquatic plants that require sunlight.

Aquatic plants which require special adaptation for living submerged in water or at water surface .Aquatic plant can grow in water or in soil that is permanently saturated with water, but after all this  process require sunlight.

The light enables photosynthetic and chemical process that stimulates plant growth. That’s where the growth light will will provide the material required for the plant through light and thus making it grow efficiently and effectively.

Different types of grow lights ranges from the fluorescent grow lights to the LED grow lights etc.