It is natural to find Marijuana growing outdoors but for those who want to cultivate it inside have to understand that there are some strict environmental requirements for the plant to thrive. You cannot just plant it in a pot and start watering it and see the sapling sprout all of a sudden. That is not how Cannabis can be grown and that too at home. So, do you have any other options for growing Cannabis indoors? You surely have. You must have heard about Marijuana growing tent or a grow cabinet. If you haven’t heard of any, then start looking for information. A Marijuana grow tent is going to do the job or you just fine. You can always find a lot of information online or you can also get some quick advice from those who have previously grown Marijuana indoors.

Should You Be Using a Marijuana Grow Tent?

If space is not a problem, then you can consider buying a Marijuana Grow Tent. Though it does not take up a lot of space, it is just perfect for cannabis growers who have a hobby of growing the plant. For those who want it in bigger volume, a Marijuana grow tent is not going to serve the purpose. However, if one is happy with growing a small number, then a Marijuana grow tent is the best thing for them.


Are There Any Benefits of Growing Marijuana in a Grow Tent?

tent Growing Marijuana - A Marijuana Grow Tent Is What You Will Need

People who have been growing Marijuana indoors might have divided opinions regarding the same but there are surely some positive points of growing it in a tent that is specifically designed for the purpose.

The very first point of growing Cannabis in a grow tent is that it is going to come very cheap. When you are growing Marijuana indoors, you will have to keep in mind that there are some factors which needs to be fulfilled in this regard and that consists air-tight vents, reflective walls, water proofing, etc. To build a tent by yourself with such features is not going to solve the purpose. If the things are not done right, then your Cannabis plant will never grow and give you the yield. That is why in every way it makes sense to invest in a pre-made Marijuana grow tent that comes with all the features. Why take the hassle when you have it all sorted out.

It is not rocket science to assemble a grow tent, and it usually does not take a whole lot of time. A few hours and the whole thing can be set up. You will receive detailed instructions of the same so that you can set it all up quickly and without much hassle.

Marijuana grow tents are just perfect for perpetual harvest. That means if the grower wants two separate places for growing Marijuana, like one for the vegetative one, and the other for a flowering chamber, then getting grow tents is a better idea.

Growing conditions are very important for Marijuana and growing tents give the perfect conditions for the same. Marijuana grow tents prevents the smell and light from escaping the tent if it is set up properly. It does not draw a lot of attention when visitors are at home. It can be nicely tucked into a corner and that will be all.

There is no easier way than a grow tent to create the perfect environment. The installation however has to be done correctly as it is like recreating the natural conditions under the most ideal conditions. The real challenge of growing Cannabis is to arrange for the right set up, and once that is complete, then what matters is just planting the seed and water it correctly until the bud comes out. By setting up a Marijuana grow tent, it is easy to provide the plant with all the environmental conditions all under a single set up.


What Are The Many Features of a Perfect Grow Tent

There are many features of a grow tent that needs to be taken a quick look at.

tent Growing Marijuana - A Marijuana Grow Tent Is What You Will Need

Grow tents comes with reflective walls that are of a better quality than what one will put up if they are installing one by self.

The installation of the grow tent is hassle free and it won’t give the installers a lot of problem. It is easy to hang and adjustments can be made easily for hooking up the fan and the lights as well.

The lighting should be perfect for the Cannabis plant to grow. There should be no light leaking from the tent. Marijuana or Cannabis, whatever you call it needs complete darkness to grow. The grow tents keep all the light locked inside so that no other person will know what is happening inside the home. This is really tricky to handle if anyone is getting the tent up by themselves.

There is not much hassle in cleaning the grow tent in good condition. The tents are waterproof and simple to clean. The floor of the house is not destroyed and neither do the walls get dirty. It is easy to clean and maintain as well.

Good quality Marijuana grow tents are not only easy to maintain, but they come with carbon filters that helps in sealing all the smell. As long as the carbon filter is attached, the exhaust fan is on and the doors are kept shut, there is no way that the grow tent will let the smell ooze outside.

Air circulation is necessary for the growth of the Marijuana plant but one cannot keep the doors of the ope open all the time. At the time of installing the grow tent one just has to set up a high power exhaust fan that would pull all the fresh air in to circulate throughout the tent.

Finally, the set up is complete and following are some of the things that is left for the hobbyist Marijuana grower to do.


  • Prepare the container and put in either the soil, coco coir or hydroponics
  • Add the seeds
  • Put nutrients and water daily
  • At six weeks, put the grow lights on a timer so that the lights remain turned off for 12 hours at least. The buds start growing in about 1-2 weeks.
  • A few months, and you are ready to harvest your sweet Marijuana


So, if you are thinking of growing Marijuana inside the home, then consider investing in a grow tent.