HONOLULU (AP) — The Hawaii Department of Health is getting ready for a rise of patients agreeing to accept the state’s restorative cannabis registry, as two medicinal marijuana dispensaries in the state are authoritatively open for business.

More than 18,000 patients have joined the state’s restorative cannabis registry.

Around 38 percent of the patients dwell on the Big Island, while 29 percent live on Oahu, Hawaii News Now detailed.

The state has figured out how to bring the turnaround time for candidates down to three to five business days.

“We do see the beginning of a possible trend that shows more growth happening on Oahu,”  said Scottina Ruis, facilitator of the state’s medicinal cannabis registry program.

“At the top of the line, when we got the program at first, the procedure was a totally paper application process, so a great deal extraordinary capacities for staff,” Ruis said. “I think high end of turnaround time was six to eight weeks.”

There are four full-time representatives and three more will be included before the year’s over.